What type of printing does the Fundraising Ninja offer?

The Fundraising Ninja offers the most advanced imprinting capabilities in the industry including: digital printing and screen printing. Based upon the number sold, colors chosen, and artwork the Fundraising Ninja will select the best printing method to produce the best quality product possible. The type of printing method may vary between youth and adult versions however; every effort will be made to maintain a similar look and feel. We stand by our promise to deliver the best quality product possible.

What is the Fundraising Ninja?

The Fundraising Ninja allows you to sell t-shirts and other apparel to make money for your idea, club, project, organization, or event without risks or upfront costs. Learn how to set up your own fundraising project by viewing our How it Works page.

Is there a minimum amount of prints to run fundraising project?

No, we have no minimums for printing and as such we can print 1 or 100 of any of the fundraising projects items. This means more options for your members, fans or supporters.

How much profit will our club make?

Your level of profit is entirely up to you! The base price for each garment is calculated by our ninja team and varies depending on the garment type as well as the size and number of images to be printed. From this base price, your club can choose whatever sell price you like - we don't mind! You keep the difference between the base price, and the selling price. We charge no % commissions, no volume surcharges, NOTHING! You're totally in control. Contact our ninjas for further details on the profits you stand to make.

How much does it cost to start a fundraising project?

The Fundraising Ninja fundraising projects are always 100% FREE to run! There is no upfront cost or risk to run a campaign through the Fundraising Ninja.

You can independently choose to invest in promoting your shirt by using Facebook Ads or other social platforms. The amount you spend on ads is up to you.

How long can a fundraising project run?

Your fundraising project can run from for as long as you like but if a fundraising project receives no orders for 3 weeks The Fundraising Ninja reserves the right to halt the fundraising project, on such occasion The Fundraising Ninja will contact the fundraising project coordinator.

How do I start a fundraising project?

It's easy! Just click the Add aProject link to get started. Please Note: Currently, the Fundraising Ninja is currently only available in Australia.

Can I run a fundraising project if I am located outside of Australia?

To create and run a fundraising project you must live in Australia.

Please note that anyone can purchase from a Fundraising Ninja project regardless of what country they are located in. International shipping rates will apply, please contact us for more informaion.